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When the nights are dark and stormy
And the bitter north wind blows
Cross the fields from Shirehampton
Where the muddy Avon flows
Where the Pillites gaily ride
Over on the ferry from the other side
The boat starts swingin, you'll hear them singin'
Float in on the tide!

Chorus: Pill, Pill, I love thee still
Even though I'm leaving
Pill, Pill, I love thee still
When the ferry boat starts heavin
When the rain down pours, the thunder roars
The lightnin flashes bright
I'll be better by far in The Duke or The Star
Than on the Old Pill Ferry tonight

Take me where it's warm and cosy
Down there with those happy boys
Where the cheeks are red and rosy
Cobblers, hobblers, hobbledehoys
When the stinging winter sleet
Creeps along the riverside and chills your feet
For miles around, you'll hear this sound
Comin' down Pill Street


On the seven seas I've wandered
Back to Pill I shall return
When the hard earned cash is squandered
For the local girls I
Captain, Captain, carry me
Steamer of the channel past Portbury
Head her south through Avonmouth
Happy I shall be.

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