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A personal call for sponsorship for a wonderful cause from Tommy…
Back lovely wife, Chris (who you may remember from many years of selling CDs, Scarves and T-Shirts at our gigs) - and I were both devastated a few years ago when Chris was diagnosed with PSP (Progressive Supranuclear Palsy), a degenerative disease of which there is no known cure.
There is no specific medication for PSP so we need to learn more about the causes and search for much needed potential treatment of this condition. Since there is no government funding for this, Tommy, Chris and all The Wurzels fully support the excellent work that the PSPA (PSP Association) does in fund raising for research.

On Sunday 29th July, The Wurzels will be playing at a wonderful event called the Southwest Birdman Festival ( which regularly attracts thousands of people in the beautiful harbour of Ilfracombe, North Devon just like we have done for the past several years. those unfamiliar with this event, it is where daft but brave people come together having created a contraption in which they launch themselves into the harbour in a bid to see who can 'fly' the furthest. The event is wonderfully organised by the local Round Table and all proceeds are for charity.

It is at this event that our keyboard player, Louie Gribble and his equally daft co-pilot, Mark 'Mendips' Noton shall be attempting to 'launch' their winged tractor - The Dung Spreader 3000 Turdbo - as far as possible from the pier with themselves in it and shall be doing so for sponsorship and donating all monies raised to the PSPA.

Myself and the whole family can only thank Louie and Mark from the bottom of our hearts for what they are doing for the PSPA and we urge you to sponsor them. No donation is too small - or too big for that matter - and donating is simple, quick and totally safe through our special page on the online charity donation website

So thank you for your time and any donations and no matter what, we'd love to see you there!

Cheers, Tommy

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